Sunday, February 06, 2005

Chirac & Africa

Chirac is on a tour of ('French') Africa. First for a conference in Congo, Brazzaville visiting his great friend Denis Sassou Nguesso (Congo) who did even better than him in the last elections winning 90% of the votes (against 82% for Chirac). Gee, the competition is tough!
In the meantime, France is once again accused of genocide in Rwanda (in French). Unfortunately, once again, this news has not reached the front pages yet. Will it? Who cares?
In the meantime, a great fiction, 'Hotel Rwanda' will soon open here. It blames France and Belgium for some of their actions there. Will it make the headlines in France?
In the meantime, a former French colony, Togo, is undergoing a military coup after the death of its leader.
In the meantime, Chirac is accusing M'Beki (leader of south Africa) of 'not undersdaning West Africa' - for HE does of course! [after M'Beki "accused France of fuelling the rebellion in Ivory Coast"]. Maybe because M'Beki speaks English and not French! ;-)
In the meantime Chirac has won a big batte - "saving the African forests".
In the meantime, I'm sitting in my livingroom wondering how long the farce can continue?
The Joker can't help laughing it off though - what else is there to do?


At 11:50, Blogger marc said...

At least one article about France! I feared you guys were about to deal solely with a French-American perspective on the US!!


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