Monday, March 07, 2005

Halle Berry's 'Monster Balls'!

Three years after being the first black to win an Academy Award for best actress [for her role in 'Monster's Ball.'], Halle Berry received the Razzie Awards, the Golden Raspberry Award for worst actress, which was given for her title role in "Catwoman,'' a movie flop. .
Now as if that was not enough, she actually showed up to receive her award, saying
"You don't win a Razzie without a lot of help from a lot of people, so please indulge me and just let me ... go through this," she said, adding, "When I was a kid, my mother told me that if you could not be a good loser, then there's no way you could be a good winner,"
Needless to say,that awards founder John Wilson was thrilled:
"The idea that somebody was on our stage with an Oscar in one hand and a Razzie in the other, ... that was so great," he said.

One in each hand.
And that, I think, makes Helle Berry a hell of a woman. Incidently, Bush also won an award for his appearance in Michael Moore's documentary, "Farenheit 9/11.", but strangely did not show up.


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