Tuesday, April 05, 2005

E.U. Constitution – simple methodology

Some of us want to make sure they make the right choice and vote for the right reasons. Yet the problem seems to be that there is very little time left before May 29 and the text of the constitution is long and tedious – more than 400 articles. I have personally taken some time to read it and I have quickly browsed some articles while I read others more extensively and sometimes several times.

So what to do if you don’t have the time or the desire to read the text and yet want to make an honest a decision?

Well, the best thing is actually…. to cheat, but cheat in a smart sort of way – in a didactical way. The best way is most certainly to listen to the arguments from both sides as long as they refer to precise articles in the text. Discard anything or anyone trying to make a point without referring precisely to the text.

Then check the text and decide for yourself on the issues mentioned on both sides.

So really, the three important steps seem to be the following:

1) Read from the ‘YES’ side on the issue you’re most interested in and make a note of the articles mentioned.

2) Read the same arguments from the ‘NO’ side and make a note of the articles mentioned.

3) Compare your note, read the articles mentioned and make up your own mind. (the text is available on the net at www.contitution-europenne.fr)


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