Sunday, November 13, 2005

O'Reilly and France

Bill O'Reilly has been in the news lately for saying he would approve of an al Qaeda terrorist attack on the California city of San Francisco because "the left-wing, selfish, Land of Oz philosophy that the media and the city politicians have embraced out there [and it is] is an absolute intellectual disgrace". The stupidity of his comments is beyond belief, but those comments have exposed him for what he really is. It is just unfortunate that some people still listen to him and even take him seriously. Yep, there are people out there who do. Here's another exemple from last week's show.
The Bill O'Reilly who has been calling for a boycott of French products since the French government opposed the Bush administration over Iraq is having a riot(pun intended) with France's current social unrest but his comments are so out of touch with reality that it makes Chirac actually look real:
"Well, if you don't believe in karma after this story, what can I say. Let's start at the beginning. If France had demanded that Saddam Hussein allow the U.N. weapons inspectors full access, there would not have been a war in Iraq. But as you know, France was making millions under the table by working with Saddam. And that corrupt bargain hurt us all. Also, let's not forget the Chirac government and the French media have consistently undermined America's War on Terror. That's why [The O'Reilly Factor is] boycotting France."
But now the tide has turned, hasn't it? France is under bitter siege by Muslims. And the weak Chirac government has been exposed in front of the world. For nearly two weeks, Chirac has allowed the insurrection to build in ferocity, refusing to use his military, allowing anarchy in the streets. This makes Hurricane Katrina look like a comic book. President Chirac simply has no clue. And if the French people can't figure this out, their entire country's at risk.
For a man who accuses the people of San Francisco of having "absolutely no clue of what the world is", this is some great show of ignorance, but further comments are not necessary, the blunt bigotry of this man needs no further evidence.
But O'Reilly is right about this though:
We're living in a very dangerous world where fanatics and terrorists abound.
Yep, and and it takes one to know one!
[if you want more of that crap, the entire transcript is available here)


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