Monday, February 13, 2006

No one is forced to live there...

According to ABC news:

Roger Koeppel, editor in chief at German newspaper Die Welt, which published the cartoons last week, says that European societies have a right to make their own choices. "Every society has the right to have taboos, the things they don't talk about," he says. Mr. Koeppel says the cartoons were not published to annoy but to question a growing tendency for press self-censorship in delicate matters.

At times, he says, it may appear there is a double standard. "Evenhandedness cannot be a goal," he says. "It has to be clear that the majority culture rules and the minority culture has to accept the rules. If the rules are not acceptable, no one is forced to live there."

It seems Mr Koeppel is forgetting that most European Muslims were raised and born in Europe and have nowhere else to go. They ARE European. His words are a frightening reminder of a the underlying racism and intolerance of some influential people in Europe today. It is a scary comment from the editor in chief of a major German newspaper.


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