Friday, April 14, 2006

On the Importance of Good Pronounciation.

This story is likely to have been made-up - it is too saucy to be true [in case you're under age, look away, and don't sure us, you've been warned] and I'm not sure it is usable in class... Too bad because it is a good illustration of how good pronounciation is essential to avoid embarrassing misunderstanding.

When Charles DeGaulle decided to retire from public life, the British ambassador and his wife threw a gala dinner party in his honor.
At the dinner table the Ambassador's wife was talking with Madame DeGaulle.
"Your husband has been such a prominent public figure, such a presence on the French and International scene for so many years! How quiet retirement will seem in comparison. What are you most looking forward to in these retirement years?"
"a-penis," replied Madame deGaulle.
A huge hush fell over the table. Everyone heard her answer... and no one knew what to say next.
Le Grand Charles leaned over to his wife and said, "Ma cherie, I believe ze English pronounce zat word, 'appiness


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