Saturday, May 20, 2006


While American kids may not know much about geography, they do know their way around campus. Harvard's Widener library is the largest university library in the world. It's 65 miles of book shelves spread over 10 floors house 3 million of Harvard 15.8 million books. These lonely corridors have traditionally been the site of many Harvardian trysts. It seems Harvard students also know a thing or two about tradition. A name like Harvard adds weight to one's CV, but hopefully things like this get left off the section dealing with extra-curriculars.

One note, if you haven't heard of craigslist and you live in the US, crawl out from under your rock. It's only one of the best ways of swapping junk this side of ebay. It's perfect for larger items since its mostly local. You can get all sorts of items, goods, and through craigslist.


At 11:16, Anonymous Aurelien said...

I must say I'm a wee bit disappointed here... I thought this blog would be the last place to look for if you wanted to see someone use "it's" instead of "its". I guess typos do happen, but still, not very professional from at least one of you, is it? ;-)

At 00:00, Blogger Joker & Thief said...

In a world as busy as our's, mistakes are bound to happen. But we appreciate you're pointing out ours mistakes. Its unfortunate, but until were able to afford an editor, grammar mistakes will most likely continue to slip through our fingers.


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