Wednesday, June 28, 2006

French Victory at World Cup.

It is 1:00 pm and still you can hear car drivers honking their horns all over Paris after the victory of France over Spain - 3 to 1 at the World Cup. A remarkable game with Zidane, the hero of the 1998 final victory over Brazil, scoring the final goal. This large victory was unexpected, and les bleus were sort of the underdog team, even in France.

Coach Raymond Domenech said

"It was a remarkable match in every way.", adding with irony, "It was very tough for the players. We may have a team of old men but we know how to be patient. Younger people run out of breath. There's something exceptional waiting for us, unique emotions.
As for Zidane, he kept going for the whole match. In the 89th minute, he stuck to it - he still accelerated."

The win against Spain has sent France to the World Cup quarter-final in a dream date with Brazil. The stakes are high as the game will be reminiscent of the 1998 World Cup final which France won't need to be reminded they won 3-0.

Are Les Bleus reborn? We'll see on Saturday but in any case, this game was definitely an excellent show and proof that soccer can be exciting.


At 06:50, Anonymous k-bing said...

Who said they were too old?


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