Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More about Anti-Americanism.

Die Press, an Austrian newspaper has a pretty good article appriopriately called The Simplistic World of the Bush-Haters. I find it interesting despite its lack of deep analysis because it illustrates well signs of the time. It'll change - eventually.
With Bush, the country, that is to say Austria, allows its anti-Americanism free rein. What was repressed for decades is now being openly displayed, in all of its odorous glory. Hating the U.S.A. has long since spread from radicals on the left- and right into the mainstream.
At the same time it has also become respectable for otherwise serious intellectuals to blame the U.S. for everything bad in the world, although in the Middle East the Israelis are blamed as well. Anyone who could so drastically diminish his country's reputation in just six years must be doing something wrong. It's nonetheless disturbing how all those who accuse Bush of black and white thinking adopt the same attitude as the result of their own analysis. Bush serves as the ideal screen to project anti-American feelings.


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