Thursday, July 27, 2006

NBC/WSJ Poll Shows American Support of Israel.

According to NBC/Wall Street Journal's latest poll:
  • 45 % approve of Bush's handling of that conflict, while 39% disapprove.
  • 54 % say they sympathize more with Israel, while just 11% side with Arab countries.
The wording of this poll is interesting - 11% side with Arab countries. What do they mean by "Arab countries"? Hezbollah? Lebanon? All Arab countries? The question seems ambiguous at best or even possibly biased.
What about the 35% others? They simply don't know?
The result is not really surprising then - especially if you consider that the image of the Arab world in the U.S. is just as bad as America's image is in the Arab world.

However, Americans seem pretty pessimistic:
  • 53% believe that the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah will likely lead to a major Middle East war involving other countries while 34% think a major war is unlikely.
So how come 45% still approve of Bush's handling of that conflict if they're so pessimistic? Does it mean they think the US can't do anything?

As far as Iraq is concerned, there is no optimism on that front either:
  • 58% say they are less confident the Iraq war will come to a successful conclusion.
Pessimism seems to reach other areas of life:
  • 65% say they feel less confident that life for their children's generation will be better than it was for them


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