Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Paranoia and Stupidity.

I am scheduled to fly in less than two weeks on a BA flight from Boston to Paris... through London Heathrow. When I booked my tickets (a few months back) I had the choice between London and Frankfurt for the same reasonable price (direct flights were too expensive). That's my luck!
Well, the good thing is that they seem to have already eased some of the restrictions. My greatest concern was to have to put my laptop in the cargo-hole and have it smashed by other pieces of luggage, but it looks like I could have also worried about my bags being one of the 10,000 they actually "misplaced" (Euphemism for "lost"?!
I am glad the flight is onyl 12 days away. Hopefully by then people will have come to their senses a little more. My latest concern is that some moron does something idiotic enough (what they call "passenger disturbance") to get people to panick and have the captain return to the gate or something.
Read this:
A flight from Heathrow to Washington DC had to be diverted to Logan Airport in Boston because an "agitated woman" was "carrying Vaseline, matches, and a screwdriver", and even some words in Arabic (an "al Qaeda note"). That's according to initial reports. But now, and that really does not surprise me - it turns out that the 60 year-old woman was just having an attack of claustrophobia.
Undeniably, the chances are much greater to see my flight disrupted by some nutcase than by a terrorist attack. There are certainly more morons in the world than there are terrorists - which is why al Qaeda does not even need to do anything to create panick! People love drama enough, and if it's not dramatic enough, they'll make it so for everybody's enjoyment.
Hopefully, I'll be able to fly from LAX to Boston on Friday with no "passanger disturbance" on board.


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