Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bush Believes in Getting to Universities on Merit Only!

Talking about brains (or lack of) and universities, here's a good one I found while doing a bit of research on the subject. It was published a couple of years ago but it is one of those Bushism I guess I just missed (too many of them to keep up!) :
President Bush was reminded by columnist Roland Martin that Texas A&M Univeristy recently announced it would end preferential treatment toward applicants whose parents and grandparents were graduates.
"If you say it's a matter of merit and not race," Martin asked Bush, "shouldn't colleges also get rid of legacy?"

Bush tried to dance for a moment with a light joke saying,
"Well, in my case I had to knock on a lot of doors to follow the old man's footsteps." Then he added, "If what you're saying is, is there going to be special treatment for people -- in other words -- we're going to have a special exception for certain people in a system that's supposed to be fair, I agree. I don't think there ought to be."

Martin followed up, "So the colleges should get rid of legacy?"
Bush said, "Well, I think so. Yeah, I think it ought to be based on merit."
One more time, a few moments later, Martin asked, "Just to be clear . . . you believe that colleges should not use legacy."
Bush answered, "I think colleges ought to use merit in order for people to get in."
We don't know yet what Bush thought to himself as he left the Unity conference of African-American, Hispanic, Asian-American, and Native American journalists. But even the world's most famous legacy admission and the world's most glaring example of privilege with his C average at Yale, had to realize the seismic proportions of what he said. (Boston Globe)
So not only did he benefit from the system of legacy but he doesn't want any one else to - not even his peers. How unfair!


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