Tuesday, October 31, 2006

War Profiteering.

Last night, NBC news had a report on the poor management of U.S. tax dollars designed to help rebuild Iraq with dire consequences:

The U.S. has not properly tracked half a million weapons bought for Iraqi security forces, and a new report reveals that 14,000 weapons are now considered missing.
So really, US troops in iraq may soon have to fight people who will be using their own American-made weapons. Great.

Another report finds that "less than half the budget for some reconstruction projects actually went to rebuild the country", and guess who is to blame… not just the government's poor management but also KR, which is, and that’s no surprise, a Halliburton subsidiary. Halliburton, in case you don’t know is the highly controversial giant military contractor which has ties with VP Dick Cheney.
According to the special inspector general for
Iraq reconstruction, not only have they been "accruing exorbitant indirect costs", but they have also "abuse rules designed to protect sensitive, proprietary information to hinder competition and oversight".

California Rep. Henry Waxman, ranking Democrat on the House Government Reform Committee, called Halliburton "a case study in corporate profiteering during wartime."
"Halliburton billed the taxpayer for millions of meals it never served and charged the government vastly inflated prices for fuel," Waxman said. "The company has now tried to conceal key information about these abuses from the inspector general and the public." (Houston Chron.)


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