Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hilary = France

In the US, the campaign for the primaries has been making the headlines - mostly on the battle in the Democratic party between Obama and Hillary. Here's an interesting case on the Republican side.
Mitt Romney was the Republican governor of Massachusetts (2003-07) and he is now a candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2008.
But his bid for president was dealt a minor setback this week when a powerpoint presentation outlining his strategy was leaked to the press.
The 77-slide PowerPoint presentation offers a revealing look at Romney’s pursuit of the White House, outlining a plan for branding himself, framing his competitors, and allaying voter concerns about his record, his Mormon faith, and his shifts on key issues like abortion.
There's the usual plan for addressing voter fears regarding his chosen religion, Mormonism, and the usual potshots at what conservatives consider the arch enemy, Hilary Clinton. But what was especially interesting was this:

Enmity toward France, where Romney did his Mormon mission during college, is a recurring theme of the document. The European Union, it says at one point, wants to “drag America down to Europe’s standards,” adding: “That’s where Hillary and Dems would take us. Hillary = France.” The plan even envisions “First, not France” bumper stickers.
Who knew that politicians could still get some traction from the lame, France = everything that is wrong with America?! Things just never seem to change. Despite our many efforts here to explain differences and demonstrate how France is more productive, more livable, more highly regarded, and more, eh, right than the US when it comes to intelligence, still US politicians hold it up as everything America should aspire not to be. When will they learn?

NOTE:Courtesy of Wonkette.


At 05:24, Anonymous Abie said...

Where on earth did Wonkette get this map of France?

At 05:29, Anonymous Abie said...

Incredible! It's not Wonkette's, it's Romney's...
I would really be curious to know when exactly he came to France.
I can understand he still resent the French's unwillingness to convert to mormonism :-)

At 06:57, Blogger Tororoshiru said...

A en juger par le contour de la carte de France illustrant le document emprunté à Wonkette, il semblerait que notre pays ait annexé la Belgique et la Suisse... sans donner aucune publicité à cet événement! Pas étonnant que nos amis américains aient une si piètre idée de notre valeur militaire si nous sommes si discrets à propos de nos faits d'armes!


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