Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rallying to Sarkozy's Inflated Ego?

We may not talk much about trivial matters, so here's a good anecdote for you:

A guy who was in charge of making subtitles in English of Sarkozy's speech made a bad joke which was eventually broadcast by mistake: he wrote that Sarkozy invited the French "to rally [his] inflated ego" (when he actually said "to rally to me"). According to Le Figaro, the "mistake" was not corrected before it was aired on many cable news networks in the US. (although I have not heard of it... have you?)

The "subtitler" (this, I found out, is the name of that profession) was eventually fired. Was he politically motivated? I doubt it - the guy was American. So was it some conspiracy by the CIA? I doubt it even more - Sarkozy is the U.S.'s favorite and the CIA is too busy discussing George Tenet's book at this point.


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