Sunday, October 07, 2007

Les Bleus Win Against All (Blacks') Odds!

We don’t get to talk much about sports on this blog but there was a beautiful game last night and an unexpected win for France against the mighty All Blacks of New Zealand (20 to 18), at the Rugby World Cup.

Just to give you an idea: only 50% of the French believed in their nation’s victory and the all-Blacks were UK bookmakers’ 1 to 7 favorite. Some people lost big! Well, it is not surprise after France lost to Argentina in a disastrous opening game.

The beauty of the game was also in the fact that “les Bleus” were clearly outplayed in the first half of the gamer and trailed 13 to 0 after 30 minutes but just like the 1999 semi-final, France staged a remarkable second-half comeback (for details of the game, go here). Déjà vu indeed!

It is a big deal in France as the team will be back soon where many observers thought they'd never be: the Stade de France in Paris and a semifinal against defending champion England who beat Australia yesterday.


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