Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Truth better than fiction once again

We recently blogged about the unfortunate prank phone call that Gov. Palin received from a couple of Canadian radio personalities. That call was humiliating enough for the governor, but excusable given the duo's obvious talent and her staff's ignorance of campaign protocol (vet the calls). But if there was a single silver lining in the whole affair, it was learning that the name of President Sarkozy's press secretary is Franck Louvrier. We thought it was just another joke within the prank, but it turns out that his actual name is Louvrier, which means his name translates as Frank the Worker. Given the endless campaign roll-out of what Jon Stewart referred to as spokespersons for Medieval America (i.e. Joe the Plumber, Tito the Builder, Susie the Shopkeeper), could there be a more aptly named government official? I mean seriously, Frank the Worker is a Sarkozy's actual spokesperson. Vive la République !


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