Sunday, November 06, 2005

France does not deserve this!

A 10th night of violence in the suburbs has began in France. The parents of the two kids who were electrocuted (the incident was used as the excuse for the beguinning of the riots in the Paris suburbs) issued this statement:
"We call for peace, a return to calm and the end of violence because France does not deserve this"
Tonight, things have not calmed down though but the nature of the violence has somewhat changed. The reports on French TV say that there is no clash with the police any more but there are small gangs of youths torching cars or factories as well as official buildings such as schools. The rampages in the last couple nights have been characterized by arson attacks which are spreading to other cities throughout the country.
I just heard that two teenagers (14 and 15) who were about to throw Molotov cocktails were caught by the locals who handed them over to the police.
The question here in the news is whether those gangs are actually organized. This is something that French Minister of the Interior has been saying but it has not been confirmed.

It is hard to tell what is really going on. It's a unique situation unheard of here. It seems plausible that some juvenile delinquents are now taking advantage of the current situation to lash out. Besides, with cellular phones, it is very easy for small bands to cummunicate and move around.

Unbelievably, Chirac has not even addressed the nation yet. This evening his spokesman issued a statement that "the president will express himself when the time comes if he should judge it necessary".
Can you believe this crap? I have had suspicion that Chirac was not fit for the job but now I am certain.

More later... no doubt.


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