Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sarko's media-savvy

Guest Blogger: LB

In September or October, Sarko gave the order to evacuate by force an apartment building judged insalubrious and inhabited by immigrants of dubious official standing. It was a “coup médiatique”: as it turned out, the families living in that building were scheduled to be relocated the following week anyway. The recent declaration that any foreigner (documented or otherwise) involved in the riots of the past 18 days will be immediately deported is a very similar manoeuvre. It is, in fact, an almost empty gesture, one that is more bravura than actual brawn. Why? Because out of the 1800 people arrested, only 120 are technically “deportable”; out of this 120, a certain number of people will fall into protected categories: minors, spouses of French citizens, parents of minors, for example. So a percentage of those 120 cannot be deported. Result: since the measure was announced, only 10 cases have proven to be “deportable”. So while Sarko has pulled a veil of “expulsion immédiate” over the eyes of his faithful electoral base, the facts are that this action will simply be a personal drama for the dozen or so people it affects. Does this truly make Sarko “tough on crime”?
J2T commentary: is it any wonder that Sarkozy supporters are quick to compare him to Rudolph Giuliani?


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