Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another great "Intelligent Design" moment.

When you get a chance to listen to die-hard defenders of "Intelligent Design" - and when that happens on Fox News, you know you're in for some very entertaining moment. And this time they have once again met - if not beaten - our expections:
[This was on the FoxNews show Hannity & Colmes of Dec. 23 . Just before this excerpt Michael Behe said that ID is "not religion" but that it "has religious implications, much like the big bang theory has religious implications", and so that it's a "scientific theory".]

COLMES: Who's the designer?

BEHE: Well, as I've said since 1996 when I published "Darwin's Black Box," I'm a Catholic. I think a good candidate for the designer is God. But that is not straight — that's not a conclusion that you come from ,from the structure of the bacterial flagellum.

COLMES: What would be the other options if it's not God?

BEHE: Well, you know, other things that would strike us as, you know, as pretty exotic, you know. Space aliens or time travelers or something strange.

COLMES: What about any of this is scientific?

BEHE: I'm sorry?

Yes... so are we... for you!


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