Monday, December 26, 2005

King George of the United-States.

When a government starts spying on people without warrants [or any legal procedure], when they abduct innocent people and deny them basic rights, and when, finally, they start intimidating journalists into not publishing stories... all in the name of "national security", you should really start questioning the motivations of the people in charge.
And this is in the context of an administration that we know has manipulated the country into accepting a war with repeated lies. [Go and read your 1984 and remind yourself how mass surveillance and censorship of mass media are the foundations of dystopia. We are not there yet of course, but it's good to be watching...]

Yes, there should be "national security" concerns - especially after 9/11 but somewhere a line must be drawn. That's why there are laws. This nation is not even officially at war (Congress has not issued a formal declaration of war) and this administration is still supposed to subject to the rule of law, strict checks and balances and good governance.

When you read this (here):
President Bush has been summoning newspaper editors lately in an effort to prevent publication of stories he considers damaging to national security.
You are very tempted to believe that for Bush it is anything damaging his administration that's damaging national security. In other words, he now acts as if HE were the nation. He has become King George - who thinks L'état, c'est moi! [to quote a famous peer of his]. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you live in your own bubble, in denial of reality. It juts becomes a bit scary when you happen to be the most powerful political leader in the world.
(Picture foun on Daily Kos)


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