Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Abuse of the War-metaphor

Words are very important. The expression "war on terror" is a great exemple of political propaganda. This paper by two history professors makes some interesting points:
President Bush has given Commander-in-Chief Bush unlimited wartime authority. But the "war on terror" is more a metaphor than a fact. Terrorism is a method, not an ideology; terrorists are criminals, not warriors. No peace treaty can possibly bring an end to the fight against far-flung terrorists. The emergency powers of the president during this "war" can now extend indefinitely, at the pleasure of the president and at great threat to the liberties and rights guaranteed us under the Constitution.
The powers the current administration seeks in its "war on terror" are not granted under the Constitution. Indeed, they are explicitly prohibited by acts of Congress.

Unfortunately, the "war on terror" has been made acceptable and even unquestionable thanks to its repetitive use in the mainstream media.


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