Monday, March 27, 2006

Romanticized Revolution...

Francing ..oops = typo... FranCE is bracing herself for major demonstratons and general strikes tomorrow. The students will definitely protest but it remains to be seen whether the unions will succeed in getting people to strike. (I have my doubts!). The most serious concern is about the holligans at the end of the protest.
The coverage of the Anglo-Saxon media is usually rather negative or non-existent, but I have found one interesting article from the BBC which has a very unique romanticzed view of the recent events. I thought such romantic view was strictly French but apparently not.
Here's how the article ends:
And just faintly, comes the echo of May 1968 and a reminder that in France, even revolution for a mortgage and a pension has its own mysterious allure.


At 04:54, Anonymous Abie said...

"And there he came, francing around... "... I like this word!


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