Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Interference of Computers.

Here's an interesting piece:
A group of University of Memphis law students are passing a petition against a professor who banned laptop computers from her classroom because she considers them a distraction in lectures.
"My main concern was they were focusing on trying to transcribe every word that was I saying, rather than thinking and analyzing," the professor said Monday. "The computers interfere with making eye contact. You've got this picket fence between you and the students." (USA Today)
I am not sure the professor has a point. I can imagine her frustration with regard to the lack of eye contacts (even though I suspect that reflects some ego on her part) but I have doubts she can draw the conclusion that typing prevents them from thinking and analyzing.
There have always been students who have tried to "transcribe every word rather than thinking and analyzing", even with ink and paper. Not sure technology makes a big difference.
Besides, those in her class are law students. Why said they should be thinking....


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