Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Proposal of Basphemy Law by French MP.

In the wake of the Denmark cartoon controversy a French member of parliament officially proposes an amendment to the existing law of free press, making it a crime to insult or defame a religion.
French MP Jean-Marc Roubaud belongs to the ruling majority party (UMP) and is known for being a (Catholic) religious zealot (a mix of anti-gay, anti-immigrant and pro-Catholic moral values).
Interestingly, a Muslim association has supported the initiative and even wrote an open letter in that sense last Monday.
The whole thing has not been mentioned in the main-stream media. Thankfully it has no chance of being voted by parliament (besides, the current majority has enough to deal with these days...) but still, you wonder how that guy can even belong to the most powerful political party in France.


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