Friday, March 24, 2006

Chirac's Grand Stupid Move.

Chirac's little drama yesterday:
French President, Jacques Chirac, yesterday stormed out of an EU summit along with the whole French delegation. The reason? Frenchman Ernest-Antoine Seillière, the president of the EU employers' federation, Unice addressed all 25 heads of government on economic reform IN ENGLISH. (Imagine that?!) After a brief introduction in French, Seillière said he would speak in English because it was the international business language. (see article here)
Either Chirac cannot take the pressure at home and he is losing it or.. he is even more in denial of reality than we already knew. In any case, his decision to walk out like that is overly dramatic, something from another time; it is the reaction of a spoiled little brat.
Now given the current context of French outrageously economic protectionism in Europe, Chirac ought to have kept a low profile, but no, he couldn't do that. He just lives in his own world.... a world that disappeared years ago, in the last century.
And yes, major news since then - English IS the international business language!


At 13:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

perhaps this blog should publish in both English and French in order to reach the masses in France. Or wait, no, the masses are already familiar with English. But to reach Chirac...


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