Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bush Playing anti-intellectual.

This article by the Washington Post about Bush's attempt at sounding like 'average Joe' starts on an illustration relevant to our blog:
President Bush was taking questions from an audience the other day when he was asked about the immigration debate raging in Washington.
"It's obviously topic du jour ," he said.The audience laughed at the famously Francophobic Texan's faux accent.
"Pretty fancy, huh?" Bush asked, mocking himself. "Topic du jour ?"
The audience laughed again.
"I don't want to ruin the image," he added conspiratorially.
So after all those years of tension between the US and France - French words still sound 'intellectual' and 'fancy'....?!
Bush would probably be a better comedian than a president. Although, in terms of popularity, he is winning over Chirac who is down to 20% of support and is also much less funny these days.


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