Monday, April 17, 2006

The New Gadhafi.

For those who thought that there is a new Gadhafi, there is this:
Recently invited to lead a prayer in Timbuktu in front of a crowd of thousans of Muslims Gadhafi said that he considered that "People of the Book," such as Christians and Jews "are not heretics," and that "they believe in God and are not vile."
He also gave his
assurance to his audience (which included five African presidents, government officials, African tribal chiefs, Muslim theologians from East and West, South Africa, East and West Europe, Canada and the U.S), that Muslims don't need "the sword or the bomb to spread Islam,". (see here)

And here's the trick (for there is always a trick) : reason why Muslims do not need the sword is that he also expects Europe to become Muslim with a few dozen years, thanks to the presence of '50 million' Muslims, 14,000 thousand mosques and Islamic centers, and 1,500 Islamic organizations and associations in Europe, in addition to Turkey, Bosnia and Albania joining the European Union.
The problem is that Gadhafi is using fuzzy maths, as G.W. Bush would say. The numbers are not only off, but there is no guarantee that Turkey will join the EU any time soon, if ever. Moreover, in his little world, Gadhafi has forgotten - quite conveniently - to consider those who may have Muslim origins but are either atheist, agnostic and simply just traditionally religious, but don't really care and there are many of them... in Europe and in Turkey.
Last but more importantly, the Islamic world is not monolithic and has not been united under a single leader since the great days of the Ottoman Empire. There are Muslim peoples rather than a Muslim people.

Well, given Gadhafi's (religious) binary view of the world, (those who believe and are not vile... and the others, who do not believe and must be 'vile"!), it does not surprise me. The new Gadhafi has learned his lesson and is not the dangerous man he used to be but he is as much a moron as he ever was - although I'll give him some credit for hanging on to his power for so long.


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