Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Price of Gas in the World.

The average retail price of a US gallon of gas is now $3.00 up nearly 70 cents from a year ago, according to a weekly U.S. Energy Department survey but Americans still enjoy some of the cheapest gasoline on the planet.
It is about:

  • 4.00 (US) a gallon in Canada
  • $4.50 a gallon in Japan
  • $5.80 in France
  • over $6 a gallon in most other major European countries.
  • $6.73 a gallon in the Netherlands
The reason for those differences is obviously taxes: the Dutch pay a 158 % tax while the US only pay 15% at current prices, making it the lowest tax on gasoline of any industrialized country. So from a European perspective, the Americans sound like a bunch of whiners!

Sure in Iran, gas is only 35 (US) cents a gallon... and in Venezuela people only pay about 12 cents a gallon but really.... who would trade their life here (i.e. Europe or the US) for cheap gas there?

NOTE: to put things into perspective, just a couple of historical footnotes (here):
In 1979 (during the Iranian crisis) the oil price was $88.72 (U.S.) (inflation adjusted) while it is now (during another Iranian crisis) about 74$. Getting close but not there yet.
On the other hand, the U.S. relied on imports for 43 % of its oil needs in 1979, when now it is about 60%.


At 03:26, Anonymous KJ said...

Gas Oddities in St Paul,
On Tuesday morning gas at the closest station was 2.96$. On the way home from work (6:00pm) it was 2.67$, The next morning it was back to 2.89$. needless to say I filled at 2.67$. Hmm.


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