Saturday, April 08, 2006

What the US, French, and Israeli Governments have in common.

That's what a Swiss newspaper 24 Heures claims in a very interesting op-ed article, available here in English. I think that's a very interesting idea - at least when it comes to what we have been talking about on this blog - the American administration and the French government.

The following passages grasps it well:

This political trend is characterized by a flat refusal to discuss or compromise with the "other side", be it one's enemy, partner or competitor. In short, this new doctrine - for that's exactly what it is - signals a return to the "rule of the strong."
Basically, they argue that when political dialogue is no longer possible, when the opposing positions are too well entrenched or when U.N.-style multilateralism would simply waste too much time, then yes, more aggressive action is certainly preferable to the maintenance of an undesirable status quo.
I tend to think this is a more general trend of a reactionary nature. Our governents reflect the counterreaction of a lot of people to the more liberal ideology born out of the 60s which used to be dominant. I think it is a return to what George Lakoff calls the 'Strict Father Model' as opposed to the 'Nurturant Parent model". In this post-Soviet, post-9/11 world where things seem to have become more complex and harder to grasp, it is not surprising that people wish to return to 'law and order' and strong leaders. Unfortunately, it might get worse before it gets better.

NOTE: As far as Israel is concerned, I am no expert, but I tend to think the newly elected Palestian cabinet is not big on compromises either. Unsustainable unilateral agendas indeed!


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