Friday, June 09, 2006

Jon Stewart vs. Bill Bennett on Gay Marriage.

It blows my mind to see how Jon Stewart is able to make right-wing ideologues look so foolish by just putting the debate down to its most logical and often simplest form.
Compared to many right wing TV hosts who lash out and get personal, Stewart remains gentle while being truly funny and expressing simple humanist truths.

Here's a good illustration in this debate over gay marriage with conservative talk show host Bill Bennett:

Stewart: So why not encourage gay people to join in in that family arrangement if that is what provides stability to a society?
Bennett: Well I think if people are already members of families...
Stewart: What? (almost spitting out his drink)
Bennett: They're sons and they're daughters..
Stewart: So that's where the buck stops, that's the gay ceiling.
Bennett Look, it's a debate about whether you think marriage is between a man and a women.
Stewart:I disagree, I think it's a debate about whether you think gay people are part of the human condition or just a random fetish.

Watch the video - it's a a riot - especially when Bennett seems so confused about Norway... or is it the Netherlands?

NOTE: Gay marriage is also a debated topic in Europe and in France but it never gets as emotional and partisan as in the US.


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