Thursday, July 27, 2006

And now the British poll:

A Guardian/ICM poll seems to show that the British have a different oulook on things than the Americans - when it comes to their view of Israel at least:

  • only 22% of voters believe Israel has reacted proportionately to the kidnapping of soldiers and other attacks from militant groups in southern Lebanon.
Of course, the main problem with those polls is the wording of the question which may change the results quite drastically. Still an overwhelming majority are critical of Israel, which is not the case of the Americans.

When it comes to the war in Iraq, the difference is also pretty clear:
  • only 36% of voters still think the war was justified, (with 48% of Labour supporters who believe it) and 51% believe it was unjustified.
And as the Guardian is happy to remind us, the accidental broadcast of the prime minister's conversation with President Bush at the G8 summit probably may partly explain the following result:
  • 63% say PM has tied Britain too close to White House (and only 30% think the prime minister has got the relationship about right).


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