Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bush: the Groping President.

Well, it looks like the US President is a never-ending riot of his own! He does or says one funny thing after another. This time, he grabs German Chancellor Angela Merkel from behind and gives her a quick massage before rushing off. It appears Chancellor Merkel is not so amused. (via Crooks and Liars and Taylor Marsh - see also a German version)
Then Merkel seems to have a hesitant smile as Bush takes off - what else can she do but humor it off? Notice the feigned air of innocence on Bush's face as he departs. He obviously masters the art of groping .
I like Taylor Mash's comment:

This is why Iraq and the Middle East are in flames,we have no credibility around the world. We have a prepubescent president in charge. It is an outrage.

I don't think if the groping is directly connected to the Middle-East sisutation. I tend to think that the outrage is elsewhere than in the groping.
Besides, this may just cultural - maybe it's just something they dowon there in the Lone Star state. At least Bush continues to surprise us every day by pushing our the limits always a bit further. (and unlike Cliton, he gets caught on tape ;-)

[BTW, despite what you may think, this is NOT a hoax. See the pictures below and even the video here.]

NOTE: I would NOT suggest to try this in at your own work place, you may either get sued (in most of the country) or shot (the Texan way!).


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