Thursday, October 19, 2006

So much for the separation of Church and State.

So much for the separation of Church and State

In MN there is a hotly contested national congressional seat up for grabs. Michele Bachmann, currently a MN state senator, is running on the Republican ticket against Dem Patty Wetterling. This video shows Michele Bachmann in full campaign stump mode. But it does not take place in a town hall or any other public place. No, this one takes place in a lovely suburnan Minneapolis church. And the pastor who greets his flock at the end of the video does so by saying, "And if you're one of those who wants to talk about the separation of church and state, then you need to get saved." Darn, and here I thought I was a good Christian.

Watch it and weep.


At 04:50, Anonymous kstrygg said...

It seems that there was a complaint to the IRS about the pastor, Mac Hammond, endorsing Bachmann during this service. This could put the church's tax-exempt status in jepordy. This could cost the wealthy mega-church a quite a lot of money.

At 05:03, Anonymous falstaff2 said...

And rightly so. Although I just read today that the pastor apologized because he said he didn't understand the IRS laws. This seems rather cynical given his comment at the end of the video that it is God's desire that we mix religion and politics. I'll have no sympathy for his church losing its tax-exempt status.


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