Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Internet v. the rest of the media...

A new study shows that Europeans now spend more time on the web than reading newspapers or magazines. (source FT). This is an interesting shift and the growth of broaline connection is likely to increase the trend.

Here are the major results:

  • On average, every week Europeans spend 4hrs online, and 3hrs reading newspaper and magazines but 10 to 12 hours watching TV.
  • Americans, however, are way ahead with an average of 14 hrs a week online – as much time as they spend watching television – and just 3 hrs reading print.

One note on France:

In France 79% of online households have broadband connections. The typical French user is online for 5 hours a week, compared with only 3 hours a week in Germany, which has a broadband penetration rate of 42%.

I find it odd that Germany should lag so much behind.... What is certain is that these major changes are going to affect our society in more ways than one, and I find that exciting...


At 01:14, Anonymous Abrisbus said...

What about the personns who consult their magazines on-line?

At 08:29, Blogger Joker & Thief said...

Yes, but it means a different way of reading. You may read an article or two and move on to another site.
But the question is really economic, do they buy a subscription or do they read them free? It means major changes in the business model and many publishers are still clueless and are just trying to cope. Can advertisement online be enough? not sure.
I seems to me that only magazines that offer special content and great analysis will survive because only they are worth paying for. (a good case in point is The Economist or FT)
The NYtimes has chosen to charge for some of its articles (op-eds) while the LATimes or the Wash. Post has them all for free.
It remains to be seen which business model will survive....
That's actually pretty exciting...


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