Monday, November 20, 2006

"Bomb Iran!"

While recently both veteran news reporter Ted Koppel (who just returned from Iran) and Washington Post reporter Robin Wright rejected the military option with Iran as “unrealistic” (Think Progress), Joshua Muravchik a member of the American Enterprise Institute (the neo-conservative think tank which has been the main architect of the Bush administration's foreign policy) says in the LATimes ‘bomb Iran”.

Maravchik even asks:

Wouldn't such a U.S. air attack on Iran inflame global anti-Americanism? Wouldn't Iran retaliate in Iraq or by terrorism? Yes, probably. That is the price we would pay. But the alternative is worse.

Is that typical how they so easily dismiss the price to pay? This is a lot of dramatic irony in all this, especially if you consider this piece of new:

The White House dismissed a classified a CIA draft assessment that found no conclusive evidence of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program, The New Yorker magazine reported. (Yahoo news)

Another typical feature of neo-con rhetoric is to use history to simplify a different reality and make it fit their agenda:

After the Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917, a single member of Britain's Cabinet, Winston Churchill, appealed for robust military intervention to crush the new regime. His colleagues weighed the costs — the loss of soldiers, international derision, revenge by Lenin — and rejected the idea.

Right, what's next? Superman and Lex Luthor?

Another 'rational' used by the AEI is the "dominance of Iran" and the fear of Mullahs taking over the world:

If Tehran establishes dominance in the region, then the battlefield might move to Southeast Asia or Africa or even parts of Europe, as the mullahs would try to extend their sway over other Muslim peoples

Someone should probably tell those morons that if Tehran establishes dominance in the region, it is thanks to the failure of their policy in Iraq, an idea first laid out by... the American Enterprise Institute. And terrorism fueld by anti-Americanism might indeed be the price to pay in "Southeast Asia or Africa or even parts of Europe,".

But apparently, some people just haven’t learned their lesson yet and live in a world of their own.



At 05:56, Blogger Dan O'Donnell said...

Just as amazing as Maravchik promoting this insane militaristic program is the forums he and his fellow neocons still get to promote their poisonous and - shall we call it - traitorous war raves.

This guy and Jonah Goldberg have places in the Los Angeles Times, formerly one of the best newspapers of the US. The Times has fallen to the cabal though, and in a fairly liberal region wonders why it is losing readership.

But I don't want to hijack the thread. The problem is the AEI and a a few others so-called think tanks and so-called journals (Weekly Standard).

But then I remember that more than 30% of the US populace still think that Bush is effective. So there is no accounting for insanity in the bourgeois, the country people, and the so-called intellectuals.


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