Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Flag War?

Now here's a bizarre story - according to NPR, a number of US states are considering recognizing the old flag affiliated with South Vietnam in place of the official one.
The California state Assembly considers a resolution that would formally recognize the flag of the former Republic of Vietnam in lieu of the current Vietnamese flag, as eight other states have done.
Experts say the trend could create tension amid warming relations between the United States and Vietnam.
Even more bizarre is this:
Before his departure, a graphic on the White House Web site for Bush's Asia trip displayed a picture of the flag of the former Republic of Vietnam — South Vietnam — instead of the current actual flag of Vietnam.
The old flag was replaced in 1975.
The erroneous image has since been taken off the White House Web site. (NBC)

Whatever!! I guess changing a flag is a lot easier and less costly than winning a war! It may even even a bit too cheap.


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