Thursday, November 09, 2006

A lot of good news and a few bad news about the elections.

Obviously, Joker-to-the-Thief is very pleased with the results of the elections overall. Here are some good and not so good results!

  • We are particularmy happy about the loss of Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania, not only a close Bush ally but also a man who loves religious jingoism.
  • Religious fanatic Katherine Harris was also heavily defeated by Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in Florida. If you remember, Harris was Florida's Secretary of state who certified Bush as winning the contested race in Florida. There is some poetic justice after all and some irony in this result.

Also a couple of interesting results from Minnesota:

  • MN has voted for Keith Ellison the first Muslim to be elected to the US Congress. This has good symbol value. However, as much as his religion was not a problem, his past association with Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the radical Nation of Islam was.
  • Finally, while Hillary Clinton won an impressive 67% of the vote in New York, Joe Lieberman won a new term in Connecticut — dispatching Democrat Ned Lamont. After losing the demicratic primaries, he ran as an independent. My problem with him, even as he was on the ticket as vice-president with Al Gore's in 2000 is precisely his foreign policy. He is ultra-pro Israel and a long supporter of the war in Iraq. I fail to understand how he managed to get elected - except that he got some help from the other camp....

But let's finish on the best news of all: Rumselfd is out! That is worth everything else.


At 03:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best news of all, the Keith Ellison's election didn't register in the MN press except as a victory for the DFL. In other words, it wasn't about his religion. It was about his politics.


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