Thursday, December 28, 2006

From Reality to a Representation of Reality.

In case you find the previous post slightly too long, here's a shorter one;

As a teacher and an everlasting student, I find the following sentence to be very simple and very true at the same time:
The process of learning can be viewed as one by which reality (as perceived by the senses) is transformed into a representation of reality. Mathematically, this transformation is described as mapping.
The Economist
, I think, therefore I am, I think. (this week's issue)
It is based on an article on neurology and the study of the brain. The philosophical and political implication though is that it makes it hard to claim that we can have a good grasp on some "objective" complete truth outside ourselves. Our view of the world being a (simplified) representation is necessarily incomplete and partly wrong.
Only God has the whole picture (and faith in Him is indeed extremely subjective) but that's preciely my other point: we are not "God".
That's one reason why I am more a post-modernist than a conservative Christian.


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