Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bush and Cheney on Ford - oh the Irony!

Here's what president George W. Bush said, following the death of former presiden t Ford:
"For a nation that needed healing and an office that needed a calm and steady hand, Gerald Ford came along when we needed him the most," Bush said this morning from his ranch in Crawford, Texas. USA Today.
Am I the only one who sees some irony in this?
As for Cheney, who used to be the White House Chief of Staff under Ford, he said in a statement:
"When he left office, he had restored public trust in the presidency, and the nation once again looked to the future with confidence and faith." CBS
Indeed, the greatest unfortunate irony of all is that it is precisely Gerald Ford who helped launch the careers of the two men who undermined this nation's confidence and faith by restoring the "Imperial Presidency" and by waging a war sometimes (innacurately) compared (by president Bush himself) to Vietnam: Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

Ford meets with Rumsfeld and Cheney, April28, 1975.


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