Monday, July 02, 2007

Dying of Laughters!

It seems that the Pentagon has a lot of money on their hands: they have been trying all sorts of new weapons to incapacitate the enemy. Here's a pretty good one:
"It might sound like a joke, but documents unearthed by New Scientist show that the Pentagon actually funded research into 'non-lethal' bullets that would also hit a target with a dose of laughing gas. That way, they'd not only be stunned but incapacitated by fits of giggles. Another idea was to put stink bombs inside rubber bullets. I guess it would work, but the idea of crowds of rioters giggling uncontrollably while being pelted with rubber bullets is truly bizarre... (via
This comes after other wacky proposals such as "building a bomb that would turn enemy soldiers gay to distract them from fighting" in a document that contained a variety of highly imaginative ideas. (The New Scientist)

Can you imagine? A war that would turn men into "laughing queers"? Yep, only the army could come up with that idea. (Who said homophobia was dead?!).


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