Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Muslim at the White House?

Of course we ALL know that Barak Obama is a Christian, (and was raised a Christian) and NOT a Muslim..... Well, even now, not exactly ALL people do though:

According to a recent Newsweek poll (NBC news):
  • 12% think he is a practicing Muslim
  • 26% think he was raised Muslim
  • 39% think he attended an Islamic school
That says a lot about people's ignorance... and is not very surprising.
Of course, the main reason why this is a problem is that a Muslim would never get elected to the White House, and that's really unfortunate. In an ideal situation, and according to the principles of separation of church and state and religious tolerance, that should not be an issue.
I wish we hear more people express what this guy said :
Tony Kutalyi of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee says: "He needs to come out and not just simply say I'm not a Muslim, but again, if I were a Muslim, what difference would it make?" (source CNN)
Unfortunately, in the real world, a Muslim or anyone remotely "muslim" will never get elected. And the Obama campaign knows that:
The Obama campaign is embarrassed to admit that one of its volunteers in Detroit kept two Muslim women from appearing near Obama, where media cameras could see them, after they refused to remove their headscarves. Obama personally called the women to apologize. (source CNN)
Well, we should probably give Obama a break there - it is hard enough to be an African-American, trying to make history in a country that is still grappling with racism!
Besides, this is not just an American thing - I don't believe many European nations, including France, would ever vote for a Muslim to lead their countries. Not even for a black man!


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