Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Worst Place to be a Terrorist. (part2)

One little note worth adding to our previous post:

Of course, "the worst place to be a terrorist" is most certainly Guantanamo but I suppose it doesn't count since technically it is not US territory (although that too is controversial). hum, hum.... and in any case, it is SO above anyone's league that it's not fair to compare.

As far as France using "a catch-all offence to charge suspects", it may be up to debate but one may have doubts about the fairness of the French judicial system when its efficiency to fight terrorists puts France on a par with Jordan, Egypt, Singapore, and Russia. [Then again, there is always "a dark side of the Force" : the U.S. is on a par with China, Iran, and Viet Nam when it comes to Capital Ppunishment. ]

A more fun question to ask may actually be what is "the best place to be a terrorist"? Off the top of my head, I'd say.... Iraq? Afghanistan? Corsica?
[Well, isn't Corsica in France? That too is up to debate... . Besides, those terrorists are only amateurs, they hardly kill anyone. They only bomb, assault, rob banks, and extort! and more importantly, they're not even MUSLIMS.... Phew!]


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