Monday, October 22, 2007

The Best Presidential Candidate!

The US campaign for the presidential bid is in full gear, yet we are more than a year away from Election Day. While we may be already getting sick of it at times, there is the prospect of great excitement in the months to come.

Think of it - this is the first election since 1928 in which no incumbent president or vice president is taking part at any stage, and the outcome may very well be the first woman president, or the first black president, or the oldest man ever elected to a first term in the White House, or the first Italian American or even the first Mormon president. Then there is the ever increasing money spending, the great number of candidates and the earliest start ever recorded.

And we’re not even talking about the war yet.

But nothing, absolutely NOTHING compares to the announcement that Stephen Colbert is running for president. Indeed, “running” is the Wørd for our friend Colbert (whom we gladly endorse, especially since he insists on the French pronunciation of his name!) only wants to run!

" I don't want to be president," said Colbert. "I want to run for president. There's a difference."

Even better, Colbert takes an even greater challenge – he intends "to lose twice, both a Republican and a Democrat.”.

Really, in case you missed it, it was the best “Meet the Press” I have ever since, and certainly the most hilarious one. I was impressed with how Tim Russert played along and kept a straight face. In fact it was so close to “truthiness” that it was almost eerily discomforting but it shows once again Colbert’s great satirical "ability to both mimic and amplify the tics of political convention and play them back with just a little more topspin":

“I’m doing it, Tim, because I think that our country is facing unprecedented challenges in the future,” Mr. Colbert said. “I think the junctures that we face are both critical and unforeseen, and the real challenge is how we will respond to these junctures, be they critical, or God help us, unforeseen.”
Sounds like you've heard it all before? That's exactly the point. Need a good sense of humor for it.

Here's more:

Tim: Would you consider Sen. Larry Craig as a running mate?

Stephen: I would.

Tim: Have you had conversations with him?

Stephen: Define conversation.

Tim: Have you spoken to him?

Stephen: No.

Tim: Have you met with him? Have you been in the same room together?

Stephen: Yes... (points offscreen) sorry, my lawyer's telling me to say no more.

Tim: How did you express your interest in developing your relationship?

Stephen: Forcefully

If you have a few minutes, watch the show here, you won’t regret it. It is American humor at its best - with a slight touch of English dryness.


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