Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obamaday in France and the World.

Obamania continues to sweep the France, Europe and the world...

In France, the main French TV channels (TF1, France 2, ...) will live broadcast the Inauguration today in HD. A first in France for a US Presidential Inauguration!
Radios and newspapers will also be on the event which will also been seen in many places across the city of Paris - in bars, pubs, restaurants and concert venues.... including the American Church in Paris. Even the Mairie, (the City Hall) will host its own Inaugural Celebration at the Hotel de Ville.
(And that's not even counting all sorts of Internet events!)

And it's the same all over Europe...
"All over Europe, networks are planning special programming to bring this historic day to their viewers live," said Eurovision Americas president Bill Dunlop.
In the last few days, the media Frenzy about Obama has been unlike anything I have seen. The preparation for the Inauguration has been the first topic in the news in the last few days - as if nothing else could measure up to this event. Our American readers need to see that these elections have had a global impact.
The French foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, observed that Americans had held a "world election" in 2008, and interest in Obama continues to run high in other countries.
As much as I personally relish the event, and enjoy the excitement, I can't help wondering if, besides the too high expectations, some people might not simply get "Obamaed-out" after so much.... maybe too much. The risk of indigestion is to be considered.
As much as I was at times uncomfortable with Bushophobia, and the ensuing anti-Americanism, I am wary of Obamania and pro-Americanism. One way or the other, it is all way too simple and on the fringe of idolatry.

But of course, if on the other hand, Obama's election helps make the US and Americans "feel the love" and feel cool again abroad ... It certainly helps me teach (American) English here in France.
In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the moment, at least for the day...


At 11:57, Anonymous Farceur said...

Personally, i don't agree with you. I prefer obama to mc cain, but i think Obama have an over media coverage. ok it's a symbol, but.. for me the conflict in Gaza is more important that his investiture.
IMO, i don't think Obama will change the world, he certainly will fail as precendtly presidents. But, that is probably never also worse that bush.

I'm french, sorry for my english. ;)

At 12:18, Blogger Joker & Thief said...

oh, I never said I preferred McCain to Obama. If you read this blog regularly, you'll see that we have been staunch supporters of Obama. I was just being critical of the way the French have been going overboard. I find this dangerous because a lot of it is based on ignorance. It is precisely because I like Obama that I don't want him to be put on such a pedestal, like a mythical icon removed from humanity.
As far as your English is concerned, what's important is to try. I congratulate you for trying, which a lot of French are too self-conscious to do. ;-)


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