Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paris Transformers

These are two stills taken from the trailer of Transformers 2 - a $300 budget Science Fiction/action movie. Of course, anyone who's been to Paris will be in shock
[Clue: look at the Eiffel Tower. Duh!]

The Eiffel Tower is not slightly misplaced, it is on the wrong side of the bank of the Seine river.

You'd think a $ 300 million might take things a bit more seriously.... So what to make of this?

Does that mean that the director (Michael Bay) and the Executive producer (no less than Steven Spielberg) are so ignorant about Paris that they don't know where the Eiffel Tower is?

Not even! In fact, the crew did shoot in Paris, so why add the Eiffel Tower where it is not supposed to be? Is there an artistic reason for it? Is it because they want dumb American teenagers to know that the scene actually takes place in Paris? Oh, I admit, I'm being arrogantly French! Not everybody has been to Paris.
But still, why not simply film the Place de la Concorde from the opposite angle, where you can actually see the Eiffel Tower?
Who cares anyway.... the audience is so dumb, right?


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