Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quote of the week.... by John Culberson from Texas.

"We have fundamental philosophical differences. We’re in an era of unfunded liabilities. This stimulus is really a Trojan horse. It’s part of a plan that would turn the United States into France.”
Said John Culberson , R-Texas.
French bashing is nothing new in the right wing of the Republican party – even more so when the guy is from a conservative constituency in Texas (his slogan is after all "Letting Texans run Texas”).

It should be noticed that those people who use France as a “fear factor” (pun intended!) have usually never been to France, don’t speak the language and know next to nothing about it. Very tellingly, they never illustrate what they mean with any concrete example.

While France has problems of its own of course (not much economic flexibility, problems of funding for pensions and unemployment benefits, radicalized unions,… to name just a few etc…), it also has better health care, better public transportation, better and cheaper broadband internet access, better infrastructures, and more job security. All pretty good things to weather the coming depression.

Such ignorance or bad-faith just doesn't give Texas a good name!


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