Monday, October 17, 2005

Isn't Mrs Rice a Bit Oreo Cookish?

Here is another excerpt from Dr Rice’s interview on NBC’s Meet the Press:
MR. RUSSERT : How troubling is that to you that only 2
percent of African-Americans say that George Bush is doing a good job as
SEC'Y RICE: Well, Tim, I don't know what to make of the
polls, and I'm not myself one who tends to put much faith in polls, and what
questions are asked and how they're asked. What I do know is that this has
been a president who has gone out of his way to be inclusive, not just in his
Cabinet and not just in everything that he has done, but who has cared deeply
about the progress of African-Americans.
MR. RUSSERT: Why do only 2
percent of African-Americans agree with you?
SEC'Y RICE: Tim, I'm a
social scientist and until I see a poll and how its questions are asked and what
the assumptions are, I'm not going to comment on a poll of that kind. I am
simply telling you that this president has an extraordinary record with
I find it really telling how Secretary Rice is quick to discard whatever does not look good. It is so typical of this administration – when the facts do not suit your ideology, just change them.
Well, let’s imagine that the NBC news poll is not quite accurate (it seems that this poll included 807 people nationwide, and only 89 blacks, and so as a result, there is a great margin or error indeed), and so let’s have a look at The Pew Research Center which has a larger sample… Well, it finds that Bush's approval rating among blacks is at 12 percent, which is still about the lowest a president can get.
So the fact of the matter is that Bush does have a problem with the African-American community, and it is time for Mrs Rice to face up to the facts.
This does not mean he is a racist, it just means that he is perceived as a very uncaring man, a man who totally ignores poverty and only cares for the people of his own kind.
Given Bush’s background, that has got to be really hard to imagine now, isn’t it?


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