Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I link to the following news in order to baffle our non-American readers. This is the sort of mentality, especially the rhetoric, that just doesn't register abroad. When all the dust settles, and all the insults have been thrown; when all the bloody pens have been put away and we go out to the pub to share a drink, this is the one kind of story that draws blood again. Think about it, this one little article has everything: God, family (in the largest possible sense) values (in the narrowest possible sense), politics, American home-building, and a woman married at 17. Come on, where else can you find such adoring parents, excited at this birth "because it was the first time in eight years the family has had a girl."

And they want more!

UPDATE: of course, one could always read this as the main stream media trying to do a story on Red-State Americana in order to show how truly "in touch" they are. Really, is a woman having her 16th baby worthy of the national news? I can see local or state, but national? The only missing element in this piece of Americana is a terror threat and some demonstration of patriotism.


At 07:02, Anonymous Jay said...

This is scary... especially if you think a majority of them will 'grow up' and probably vote Conservative (not just Republican but Ciservative Republican - God, Country, Family...). Who knows what crook will be in politics in 20 years?

At 10:28, Anonymous DG said...



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