Wednesday, November 23, 2005

More on the Bush-Bombing-Al-jazeera Memo

As we said yesterday the 'secret memo' of the conversation between Tony Blair and George Bush in which the US president considered plans to bomb the satellite TV station Al Jazeera was leaked by the Mirror. One word of caution needs to be made here, The Mirror is not known for being a quality paper to say the least and it has a shaky reputation. It is a tabloid of sorts with a tendency to support a Labour's perspective.
That being said, the news they leaked could still be true. Today the Mirrror has an artible in which they say that the (British) Attorney General ordered them not to publish any further details from the document as it would be a "breach of the Official Secret Act". As expected both the British and the US governments have denied to comment, but the pressure is most certainly going to mount to have the ranscript of that conversation made public, and this is going to be interesting since it's always the cover-up or the lying that matters (and is fun to watch, I must admit), rather than the initial leak itself. How creative can they be this time?
[One hint from yesterday's Mirror article, one government official said (unofficially) that Bush's threat had been humorous, not serious. Any possible future line of defense here? It's going to be hard to make people swallow it!]


At 20:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Pilger and Paul Foot were/are on The Mirror payroll. You may judge the quality of the paper from their contributions.

You can find Bush and the door on (mit sound)


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